Youth Club – 2022 Minor Grant Scheme


A funding allocation has been made available by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (D/CEDIY) for a one-off grant scheme which aims to support Youth Organisations and Youth Clubs to meet minor costs associated with providing additional supports to Young People for the remainder of 2022.

Grant funding will be available for the following:

  • Youth related activities, including trips, events, etc.
  • Maintenance – in particular any maintenance deferred due to cost pressures
  • Operational or administration non-capital purchases or significantly increased costs outside of the control of the organisation
  • Programme costs – in particular any activities that were to be deferred or at risk due to cost pressures outside of the control of the organisation
  • Staff training
  • Volunteer training for youth clubs (e.g., mentoring, First aid, Children First, general administration)
  • Actions by ETBs in support of re-opening youth clubs in their functional area.

Information and Closing date:

This year WWETB are moving to an Online Application Process using

Guidance Notes – please ensure you click the correct link below and read the notes before applying for the Grant:

Links to Online Application Form – please ensure you click the correct link:

The Application Process is now open and will close on Friday 7th October at 23.55pm.

  • You will need to create an account.
  • The form can be completed in more than one sitting.
  • You will need to allow cookies (functional cookies only) to make an application.
  • Click on next means all information up to that point is saved.
  • Applicants can pass required questions but will not be able to submit the application until all required fields are complete. Please insert N/A in sections not relevant to your application.
  • Where a choice needs to be made: Click in the box not on the drop-down menu button.
  • For an application to be submitted applicants will receive a confirmation email which will need to be completed, please ensure this is complete or else your applications will not be received.

Late applications will not be accepted.

For direct support please email

Please note the Youth Work Affairs Team may need to contact for further information so there could be a delay in replying.


2022 Grant Schemes

All relevant information and documents relating to 2022 Grant Schemes will be made available on this section of the WWETB Website, once received from the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY).

Should you require any further information please contact a Youth Officer in your area.

Regina Butler (Youth Officer Wexford) – 086-0652479

Trina Tsai (Youth Officer Waterford City) – 087-3800143

Martin Fitzgerald (Youth Officer Waterford County) – 086-3858781


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