Large extension at Bridgetown College

May 17, 2019

Chairperson Councillor Jim Moore and Chief Executive Kevin Lewis, on behalf of Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board (WWETB), are very pleased to announce that substantial progress has been made, in relation to the proposed large floor area extension exceeding 3,600m2 and a further 2,600m2 of external requirements including play area, car parking, bus turning, etc at Bridgetown College.

The Department of Education and Skills will be devolving this project to Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board (WWETB) and WWETB anticipate that this process will commence in the next few weeks by agreeing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between themselves and the Department of Education and Skills (DES).

The following is an accurate summary of the present position:

  • The project consists of extensions to and refurbishment of the existing school buildings of approximately 3,600m2 and a minimum of 2,500m2 of external play areas, parking, bus turning, etc.
  • There will be at least 12 additional general classrooms, 3 Science Labs,  a Home Economics Room, 3 Construction Studies/Engineering/Technology Rooms among other additional general accommodation.
  • When completed, the project will provide for an enrolment of 850 students and a total floor area of just over 9,000  
  • It has been devolved by DES for delivery to WWETB
  • The first step in this process is the execution of a Service Level Agreement between DES and WWETB and this is being arranged.
  • DES will be writing to WWETB in that respect shortly
  • Once this SLA is in place, WWETB can then begin the process of procuring a design team for the project to design the buildings, obtain the necessary statutory planning permissions and move the project onward to construction in due course.
  • As the project is at an early stage in the delivery process, it is not possible at this time to give a date for its completion
  • This extension will be facilitated by co-operation between Department of Education and Skills, Wexford County Council and WWETB in relation to the additional land required.
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