Creagh College Leaving Certificate

August 28, 2017

As the first ever Leaving Cert results day arrived at Creagh College Gorey, there were many happy faces.
It was a milestone day in the lives of the 82 students, but also a milestone day in the development of the school. This class of students have always been the eldest in the school, and they were the school’s first Junior Cert exam students, the first TY students, and now the first Leaving Cert class. They were also the first students into two new school buildings.
‘We are delighted with their results and wish them every success in their future endeavours,’ said principal Paul Glynn. ‘This particular group of students will always hold a special place in our hearts here at Creagh College.’

‘I’m happy. I have enough points for the course I want to do,’ said student Katie Conway. She hopes to study Irish and maths as part of an Arts degree in UCD. She was particularly happy with her maths and biology results.
She has been in Creagh College since the first day it opened, and said it was a proud moment when she finally got her results. ‘I’ll miss it a lot,’ she said.

Sisters Cailín and Rosin Fitzpatrick from Gorey were also in the first class at the new school, and they received their points together on Wednesday morning. ‘I was delighted. It was good considering the mad year I had,’ said Cailín. ‘I was very nervous. It could have gone way worse.’ She hopes to do English and Irish in Arts in UCD, and said that Roisin, who did very well too, also hopes to do the same course.

Mark Moloney was very happy too. ‘It’s what I was expecting,’ he said. ‘It makes it all worthwhile.’ He was surprised to do so well in maths as some of the questions were tricky. He hopes to do horticulture in UCD, DCU, or Kilkenny.

‘Brilliant!’ was Ben D’Arcy’s reaction to getting his results. ‘I got 150 more points than I needed,’ he said. He has already been accepted on a PE and sports science course in Bangor, Wales.

The college continues to grow rapidly, and next month, nearly 700 students will be starting back to school, representing a growth of over 1,200 per cent in six years.

Enrolments for September 2018 will begin in October with the open evening scheduled for October 12.

Gorey Guardian August 26 2017

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