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March 27, 2015

The official opening on Tuesday, 24 March 2014 of the Craft Exhibition in the Municipal Library, Lady Lane, Waterford City organised by second year Art, Craft & Design students as part of their QQI Level 5 Work Experience.  The exhibition was formally opened by the Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Waterford.  The exhibition is the culmination of the work of the students in Art, Craft and Design over the last two years. It was organised and mounted by the second-year students of this course. It is the perfect showcase for the students to exhibit their work to family, friends and the general public in the areas covered in the course, such as painting, glassware, woodwork, jewellery and ceramics. This gives the students a valuable opportunity to learn how to organise an exhibition as a class.
The Waterford Adult Education Centre has been providing an invaluable quality education and training programme since 1994. The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) is open to unemployed people who are over 21 years of age and have been unemployed for over six months. The course is free of charge. The courses taught under the VTOS programme are Art, Craft and Design, Fashion Design and Accessories, Interior Design and Decoration, Information Technology and Business Administration, these are all QQI Level 5 accredited courses. Graduates of WAEC VTOS have progressed to employment, further education and have set up their own businesses.

Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Waterford Cllr. Lola O’ Sullivan with Art Craft and Design student Gwen Wagenaar, at the official opening of the Waterford Adult Education Centre Art, Craft and Design Graduate Exhibition 2015 at Central Library.

Art, Craft and Design student Sharon Melbourne pictured with some of her art work.

Art, Craft and Design student Ted Flynn pictured with his ceramic work ‘Cityscape’.


Photographs of the official opening organised by second year Art, Craft & Design students as part of their QQI Level 5 Work Experience.


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