Reckonable Service



  • Actual service given after admission to the pension scheme
  • Actual service given prior to admission to the pension scheme
  • Notional Service purchased
  • Service transferred from another Public Sector pension scheme
  • Added Years – permanent infirmity, etc. (see rules of relevant superannuation scheme)
  • Added years under Professional Added Years Scheme (this is not applicable under the Single Public Service Pension Scheme)

Job-Sharing/Work-Sharing/Pro-Rata/Part-Time Service;

is calculated as pro-rata of full-time.

There is no service counted for periods without pay

e.g. unpaid leave, career breaks, strikes, etc.

Please note that service outside the State is not reckonable. 

However, you may have retained pension rights in that country or to a refund of any pension contributions paid there.

* Service Transferred from another Public Service Pension Scheme – Details of Public Service Transfer Network (Members at 17/02/2014)

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Recent Changes Affecting Existing Public Service Pensions

The Public Service Pension (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012 made certain changes affecting existing public service pension arrangements, including;

The introduction with effect from 28th July 2012  of a 40 year limit on the total service which can be counted towards pension, where a person has been a member of more than one existing public service scheme;

The extension with effect from 1st November 2012 of pension abatement so that a retiree’s public service pension is liable to abatement on re-entering public service employment in future, even where the new employment is in a different area of the public service and the aggregation of pensions for the purposes of imposition of the Public Service Pension Reduction (PSPR), subject to a commencement order to be signed by the Minister for Public Expenditure.  The Minister hopes to sign an order shortly.  


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