Sick Leave

REVISED  SICK  LEAVE RULES  APPLY FROM  1ST  SEPTEMBER 2014 (for staff commencing sick leave on or after 1st September, 2014)

The Revised Sick Leave scheme for Public Servants – emanating from Statutory Instrument No. 124 of 2014 and (Amendment) SI 384 2015 – is effective from 1st September, 2014.  Three separate circulars detailing the sick leave arrangements for the ETB Sector have been issued by the Department of Education and Skills:

C L 0053 / 2015 Sick Leave Scheme for Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools

CL0060 – 2019 – Sick Leave Scheme for Special Needs Assistants employed in Recognised Primary and Post Primary Schools

cl0063_2015 Revised Sick Leave Arrangements for all staff in ETB’s other than Teachers and SNA’s

Please note that these new circulars supersede all previous circulars in relation to sick leave and leave arising as a result of assault at work. 

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