Posts of Responsibility

Posts of Responsibility

Circular Letter 0003-2018 introduced new promotion and appeal procedures for appointment to Assistant Principal I, Assistant Principal II, Programme Co-Ordinator (at API and APII Level) and Assistant Director of Adult Education (at API and APII Level).

The revised procedures and appeal grounds apply to all posts at API and APII Level which have been advertised from the date of publication of Circular Letter 0003-2018.

Teacher Appeal Forms

Teachers who may be considering appealing a post, should read the circular carefully before completing the appeal form.  Appeals will only be accepted on the new PDF teacher appeal form within the timeframe for the “Appeal Date”.

To access the teacher appeal form in English, click here: Teacher Appeal Form English

To access the teacher appeal form in Irish, click here: Teacher Appeal Form Irish

To access the Advice Note click here:  Advice Note on Completing Teacher Appeal Form

Information about supplying accompanying documentation relevant to the appeal form is available in the Advice Note.

Important:  Please use Internet Explorer to open the Teacher Appeal Form, or alternatively download the PDF to your desktop and open it with Adobe PDF reader.  



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