Career Break Scheme

Career Break Scheme

Staff wishing to avail of the Career Break Scheme, should refer to the relevant Circular Letter below and complete and return the relevant application form to the Human Resources Department at Waterford and Wexford ETB, Ardcavan Business Park, Ardcavan, Wexford.

Relating Circular(s) Application Form(s) Closing Date(s)
Circular Letter 0054/2019 Career Break Scheme Career Break Application Teachers 1 February 2022
Circular Letter 0022/2012 Career Break Scheme SNAs

Circular Letter 0035/2019 Career Break updated (SNAs)

Career Break Application SNA 1 February 2022
Circular Letter 0079/2015 Career Break Scheme for all staff other than Teachers and SNAs Application for Career Break Three months before the proposed start date of the career break

Any further queries in relation to Career Breaks, please contact Lorraine Fox, Human Resources Department.


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