Family Learning Programme

Family learning programmes involve parents/guardians and often their children and promote learning as a family in an informal, relaxed and fun way.  Family learning recognises that parents are teaching their children from birth and that they are their children’s first and most natural teachers.  Family learning encourages kids to be confident, lifelong learners and can also help parents on their own learning journey and access further courses. Family Learning programmes take place in schools, libraries and the Adult Education centres around the county.

We particularly encourage parents who have been out of education for some time themselves, or those who may have not had the opportunity, for whatever reason, to remain in or engage in education themselves. Courses are free.  For more information contact Kristin Gray on

051 425118

086 7815062

Visit for more information

Co Wexford Family Learning Programmes:

  • LEAP (Language Encouragement and Play)  (click on LEAP for further information on the course)
    • LEAP 1  (parents and infant classes)
    • LEAP 2   (parents and 2nd/3rd classes)
    • LEAP Forward (parents and 5th/6th classes)
  • Technology Today (computers, apps and technology skills for parents)
  • So Sew
  • Learning Tools for supporting second level kids with dyslexia
  • Study Skills/Multiple Intelligences
  • QQI Level 3 Child Development and Play
  • Social Stories
  • Dialogic Story Telling


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