Waterford Youthreach



Co-ordinator  Mr Jim Darcy 
address  66 O’Connell Street, Waterford X91 EA36
phone  051 877241 
fax  051 856515 

Our Mission

“Working together to educate and motivate early school leavers who have an active interest in learning, in a respectful and caring manner.”


While working with early school leavers our aims are in so far as possible:

  • To provide education and vocational guidance to early school leavers in order to improve future employment and training prospects
  • To provide a caring, effective and safe environment where education can take place
  • To provide educational programmes which are learner- focused and reflect their vocational, social and health needs
  • To encourage the development of life-skills in a respectful and caring manner
  • To support all early school leavers equally and fairly
While working with early school leavers our objectives are in so far as possible:
  • To provide a broad range of educational programmes on an on-going basis
  • To deliver state certified courses in an organised and effective manner on an on-going basis
  • To provide vocational, educational and counselling support for learners on an on-going basis
  • To provide nutritious meals for the learners each day to support their learning
  • To organise the centre to provide a safe environment where every individual is catered for with manners, respect and kindness
  • To provide each student the opportunity to have input into their education
  • To celebrate the achievements of students
  • To liaise with community agencies to access support on vocational, social and health issues
  • To encourage healthy interpersonal relationships throughout the centre on a daily basis


Waterford Youthreach provides 4 main courses:

  1. Leaving Certificate (1 Year)
  2. Leaving Cert Applied (2 Year Course)
  3. Horticulture – The Productive Garden
  4. Sports Performance (Soccer)

The Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied courses are open to any young person who has an active interest in learning that would like to return to education. Literacy and numeracy are a constant focus as part of all courses offered within the centre and there is a dedicated literacy team who support students one-to-one. Literacy & Numeracy are a fundamental part of our centre’s ethos. Pupils are encouraged to return to education and to take an active interest in their progression to third level courses, vocational apprenticeships and/or job application.


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