WCFE Health Boot Camp

April 21, 2016

WCFE recently held its annual Health Bootcamp, an intensive two days devoted to health and wellbeing. As always, the event was devised with a holistic approach and consisted of four main workshops, each devoted to a different aspect of mental and physical health. Nutritional Therapist Jemma Kehoe gave a comprehensive lecture on nutrition for optimum well- being, emphasising not only how to be ones best in 2016 nutrition wise, but also the wider implications of a balanced diet. She discussed how nutrition can not only prevent disease, but even in some cases, help to reverse it. This was followed by a workshop in mindfulness, conducted by Deirdre Dowling. Deirdre is trained as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher with the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches (Germany) and is also qualified as Teacher (mindfulness for adolescents) with the Mindfulness in Schools Project. Deirdre is passionate about the benefits of living mindfully and conducted a superb workshop with staff and students on the power of meditation and mindfulness when dealing with stress and other factors in one’s life.
A new element was introduced this year and that was the official launch of the College’s new Chill Out room, a space for students to rest, read, chat and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of student life. A WCFE Student Council initiative, the Chill Out room will be increasingly integrated into the fabric of student life on campus. For its launch, the Hairdressing Department, fresh from victory in the National Inter Schools Competition in Cork City, showcased their winning entries to the competition and discussed how the styles and make up were achieved with interested students. WCFE has a strong record regarding the arts, running a range of courses in the humanities area and encouraging cooperation between different departments within the College. The Hairdressing Dept. has incorporated a new Theatrical Makeup subject on its curriculum and has collaborated in the past with both the Beauty Therapy and Art Department for fashion shoots and artistic work. The exhibition was held to emphasise the link between health and artistic expression and the healing powers of creativity and imagination.
The event concluded with the annual WCFE Soccer Tournament which was held at the Kingfisher. A number of College teams competed for the title of College Champions in a light-hearted competition, aimed at promoting the idea that health and fitness can be and should be fun.
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