New Ross Youthreach 1916 Commemoration

April 13, 2016

In March of this year the QQI students of New Ross Youthreach designed and created a large display to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. New Ross Youthreach was offered a platform to display our response to our research and understanding of the 1916-2016 centenary celebrations.
After much study and research we developed a plan to utilise the 15ft window space we were given for our project. We spent many hours working together as a strong team to present our final piece. The display incorporates photo-imagery, woodwork, sculpture painting and a lot of construction work. Each artefact produced and displayed was carefully thought out and discussed by the group. The final piece resulted in a display which has made the entire centre feel very proud.
The window we were given is situated in a prime location. It is across from the John F Kennedy memorial statue and Dunbrody Famine Ship. Therefore not only is our display being admired daily by our New Ross locals, but also by a large amount of tourists.
We would like to thank Michael Murphy – Home Furniture for giving us use of their wonderful window. We would also like to thank all the locals who stopped by to thank us and help us out when we were working hard on site to finish our display.

Chloe Walsh, QQI student, New Ross Youthreach

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