Intercultural Coffee Morning

October 18, 2016

The English language provision for the Syrian Refugees is facilitated in the ETB Office rooms, The Shopping Centre in Dungarvan. The programme consists of English language classes and an Integration Programme where students learn Basic English and become familiar with elements of the culture of Irish society.


On 12th October 2016 to mark the arrival of the new refugees, the office staff organised a Welcome Morning with tea/coffee and some lovely bakes by the ETB and the refugee teaching staff. Community Education got a cake made, iced with the Irish and Syrian flags. We decorated the Meeting room with posters of the flags of both countries and a Welcome sign in English, Irish and Arabic.


After the food, Maud brought in a guitar and we had a sing-song with a few ‘old favourites’  like Molly Malone, The Wild Rover, and Dungarvan My Hometown etc. The Syrians liked it so much that they sang some of their native songs, which proved very emotional for some, and they even danced their native dance. It was very successful and we intend to have more events in the future.

Intercultural Coffee Morning 1

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