High Hopes Choir visit

May 24, 2016

St. Pauls Community College Hope-Filled RE Class!

The TY RE classes had the pleasure of welcoming The High Hopes Choir to the school as a follow-up to their Retreat. A big thank you to Phil Brennan, Retreat facilitator and musical director of the High Hopes Choir, for organizing this informal visit. It was education at its best as the students learned about real life through hearing of the difficult experiences of others.

The camaraderie of the choir immediately set the tone and established a wonderfully uplifting atmosphere in the classroom where all were gathered. There was a real sense of understanding and mutual respect. The classroom setting allowed for an intimate setting and provided an environment of trust, as members of the choir shared very difficult personal stories – Hope was at the centre of them all! It was fitting that a group of people were outside the classroom unable to attend, reflecting in many ways the situation of homelessness where people are on the fringes.

Students learned about Homelessness, Addiction, Mental Health and Inner Strength.

The silence from the students illustrated the fact that these stories reached them at a very deep level and that they empathized with their guests. Similarly, the choir had a deep respect for the TY group, recognizing that they are the future and they have so much power in them to make changes in society.
Everyone who shared their story emphasized the importance of education.

The essence of the class is summed up in Richard’s words:
“If you don’t listen to your own inner voice how are you supposed to find your way?”

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