Election of (Male only) Staff Member to Board of WWETB

August 30, 2019

Due to the non-conclusion of the process to elect a male staff member to the Board of WWETB earlier this year there still remains a requirement to do so in accordance with the relevant Rules/Regulations.

A draft register of electors will be available for inspection at your school or centre from Monday 2nd September.

Amendments/Additions to the register should be notified  to  the Returning Officer (using the application form) by 12 Noon on Monday 3rd September.

Nomination Papers will be made available at Electors relevant Centre (or on application from: returningofficer@wwetb.ie)  The last date for receipt of nominations is: Monday 23rd September 2019 at 1.00p.m. as per Department of Education Guidelines.

Notice of Election 

Application Form

Notice of Formation of Electoral Roll

Circular 28.2019 – Arrangements for the Election of Staff Members to ETBs (2019)

Circular 28.2019 – Irish Version Arrangements for the Election of Staff Members to ETBs (2019)





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