Bunclody Vocational College 1916

April 11, 2016

On Proclamation Day, 15th March 2016, BVC held a commemoration of the 1916 Rising, in conjunction with every school in the country.  The whole school were treated to a living history presentation of the 1916 Rising.  Mr Cahill and his troupe, with the aid of technology, musicians and excellent acting brought the Rising to life.  From the history behind the Rising to the reading of the proclamation to the executions.  The women of the rising spoke, the children killed in the rising were represented and the gym echoed with battle sounds.  The Irish Flag, which had been presented to the school by our President at a ceremony last year, was raised to the sound of Amhrán na Bhfiann.  Mr Murphy spoke about this special day and thanked all the actors who took part, Mr Cahill, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Kinsella for organising the event.

1916 Sackville Street Centenary Art Project comes to Bunclody Vocational College

Bunclody Vocational College art teacher Ms. Doyle has signed up the 2nd Year Art students to participate in the 1916 Sackville Street Art Project.  Members of the class Katelyn Dunbar, Katie Cashe, Tilly Raleigh Abbott, Amy Power, Yvonne Lambert, Orla Redmond, Marc Thatcher and Thomas Fitzgerald were required to make a 3D ‘House’ in any durable art material to commemorate a civilian that died in the 1916 Rising.

1916 Sackville Street provides Individuals, Youth Groups and Secondary Schools an opportunity to remember the ordinary civilians that died in the Easter Rising through Art.  The aim of the Project is to hold an exhibition of 262 ‘Houses’ in any 3D art form to commemorate and celebrate the 262 lives of the ordinary civilians that were killed in the Rising.  It is an excellent initiative that allows students and individuals to learn about what happened in the 1916 Easter Rising and it has a tremendous potential to motivate and enhance the students’ and individuals’ learning experience on this significant event in Irish History.

The students have worked really hard in researching their civilian and they used this information to inspire their design. It has been exciting to see the drawings of their house plans brought to life.  Ms. Doyle has expressed how proud she is of the student’s achievement and would like to thank all those that helped the students along the way.

The 1916 Sackville Art Project will be held at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin from April 8th to April 24th.  The project will be one of the largest exhibitions commemorating the 1916 Rising and is significant in that the project records the lives of the 262 civilians who lost their lives during the fighting.  Even more exciting, last week RTE Reflecting the Rising invited 1916 Sackville Street Art Project to exhibit all 262 Houses on O’Connell Street on Easter Monday.

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