BTEI Photographic Exhibition

August 25, 2016

Back To Education Initiative Photographic Exhibition


Gorey Library 23rd – 27th August

A thought-provoking premiere of photographic work from budding photographers.

Since April 2016 the Back To Education Initiative (BTEI) have facilitated a beginners Digital Photography course in conjunction with Wexford Local Development (WLD). This photographic exhibition, kindly hosted by Gorey Library, represents but a minute selection of the impressive body of work exposed over the summer months.

The locations and subject matter of the work represent the local area, landmarks and wildlife from a fresh viewpoint demonstrating the talent and individuality of the WLD Photographers.

The anonymous photographers have selected a single word that encapsulates their selected works. It is up to you, the spectator, to decipher how four thousand words have been condensed into one.

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